About Xiang do

Established in 2011, Xiang do travel is a brand of Guangzhou Shengsheng international travel service co., LTD., it is a b2b trading platform of travel fragmentation products, which provides hotels, tickets and other preferential tourism products to major distributors around the world through the electronic platform, providing the most convenient and fast booking services. With its edges in direct contracting content with global hotel resources, strategic cooperation with various travel product suppliers worldwide, as well as its strength on IT capability, it has been supported by more than 3,000 distributors such as travel agencies, Tour operators, airlines, government enterprises and OTAs in China and the Asia Pacific region. Product resources cover more than one million hotel attractions and venues in about 200 countries around the world. Our business philosophy is: Innovation! Win-Win !
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Xiang do travel currently has more than millions of destination product resources for hotel and tickets ,for many times it has been awarded as the best cooperation partner by different hotels,scenic spots in popular leisure destinations like Macau, Sanya , Japan,such as Hotel Atlantis in Sanya, Sheraton and St Regis Hotel in Macau etc. . Our advantage products include Water Dance in Macau and Universal Studios in Japan…

Technical support

Xiang do platform is a B2B e-commerce platform which distribute the tourism fragmentation products through the technique system. Thanks to the top capability of the I.T. team, distributors could have very convenient experience if booking hotel or tickets via our platform.It could help improving work efficiency ,reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Xiang do platform

Currently, more than 3,000 domestic and Asia-pacific travel agencies, TMC, airlines, corporate clients, OTA and other distributors are using the service and travel fragmentation products on Xiang do electronic platform . We have an experienced team to serve our customers., Our business philosophy is: Innovation ! Win-win !

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